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5 Benefits of DuraGen® Plus

Where to use?

  1. DuraGen® Plus is a category of medical device called Dural Substitute which covers dural defects post neurosurgeries.
  2. It recreates the Dura mater and works as a scaffold1.
  3. Collagen matrix is reabsorbed within 6-8 weeks and forms a new layer of Dura mater2.
  4. It also lowers the overall treatment cost 3,4.

Reference:1. Stendel R, Danne M, Fiss I, Klein I, Schilling A, Hammersen S, Pietilae T, Jänisch W, Hopfenmüller W. Efficacy and safety of a collagen matrix for cranial and spinal dural reconstruction using different fixation techniques. Journal of neurosurgery. 2008 Aug 1;109(2):215-21. 2. NAROTAM PK, et al. A clinicopathological study of collagen sponge as a dural graft in neurosurgery. J Neurosurg 82:406–412, 1995. Prospective study (post mortem or during reoperation) performed on a 5 years period, on 100 patients who received a collagen implant. 3. Horaczek JA, Zierski J, Graewe A. Collagen matrix in decompressive hemicraniectomy. Operative Neurosurgery. 2008 Jul 1;63(suppl_1):ONS176-81. 4. Barooah RK, Baishya BK, Haloi H, Bhuyan M, Ali A, Sarma K. A Comparative Study between Autologous Dural Closure versus Collagen Matrix (DuraGen) Closure in Decompressive Craniectomy for Trauma. Indian Journal of Neurotrauma. 2020 Jun;17(01):46-9.

DuraGen® Plus - Application and Case Studies



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Abridged Prescribing Information:
DuraGen® Plus matrix is designed for the repair and restoration of dural defects and as an adhesion barrier for the reduction of peridural fibrosis. DuraGen® Plus matrix is indicated as an onlay graft for the repair and restoration of dural defects in cranial and spinal surgical procedures. DuraGen® Plus matrix is also indicated as an adhesion barrier for the inhibition of post-surgical peridural fibrosis. DuraGen® Plus matrix readily conforms to the surface of the brain, spinal cord and overlaying tissue. DuraGen® Plus may be used for the following procedures: • Cranial Convexity: may be used to cover large defects following surgery, especially for dural loss from excision, contraction, retraction and/or shrinkage • Brain Swelling: intra-operative brain swelling or anticipated postoperative swelling - Posterior Fossa Surgery: 1) General use as a dural graft, 2) decompression craniectomy and dural release for infarcts, i.e., Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery (PICA) infarcts, 3) anticipated swelling after trauma, and 4) may be used in Chiari decompression procedures • Spinal Surgery: 1) General use as a spinal onlay dural graft, especially useful for defects arising from pinhole tears, disc surgery, and spinal stenosis decompression, 2) after resection of intradural tumors, 3) onlay graft after dural approximation with sutures, 4) as a separation layer between the dura and overlying tissues • Adhesion Barrier: To inhibit post-surgical peridural fibrosis in laminectomy, laminotomy or discectomy procedures where nerve roots are exposed. DuraGen® Plus matrix is not designed, sold or intended for use except as described in the indications for use and is contraindicated in the following situations: • For patients with a known history of hyper sensitivity to bovine derived materials. For repair of spinal neural tube defects; anterior spinal surgery with dural resection (e.g., Trans oral surgery) • Should be used with caution in infected regions • Not recommended to cover dural defects involving mastoid air cells • Not recommended for large defects at the skull base following surgery. For the use of a Registered Medical Practitioner, Hospital or Laboratory only.

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